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Monday, February 14, 2011

Daily Video- I know no English

Okay, so here we are again with our regular segment "daily video". We hope you like our earlier videos, but hey, how do we know if you don't leave any comment? Do jot down some words of appreciation or criticism if you have any.

So, today's video is a part of many BBC comedy clips on youtube. This one we personally find very funny. We hope you like this as well.

This clip shows an incident when one "probably a tourist" lady asked one lad if he could speak English. It's an irony that the guy replied in English that he couldn't. The series of conversation went on and on...and then, lady started to speak in Deutsch (German language). And the guys (another one joined the group later) started to say that they couldn't speak Deutsch as well, but said everything in Deutsch. It is not an usual situation in real life, but let's take it as a comedy. See you in next post.

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