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Monday, May 2, 2011

Shane Dawson: Most viewed on You Tube

It's amazing!! 5 videos of Shane Dawson make to the list of top 20 most viewed You Tube videos today. Who is Shane Dawson?? It's a joke, right? Ok, I know most of us don't care who he is. Just to give you a short info, he is also among the most popular You Tube celebrity on planet You Tube!!! The subscribers count till date for his channel ShaneDawsonTV2 is 1,709,807; so he is in the elite list of You Tubers with a million plus subscribers following him. He is about to make it 2 millions, isn't it awesome?

Let's see the ranking of his videos in today's most viewed You Tube Videos list.

His video at No. 4 was uploaded on 30 April, 2011 and it has already got 1.5 millions views. That speaks the popularity of this 22 years old man. It seems he has started some kinda serial videos which are getting immense popularity among the viewers.

Let get some close look at him. He is American, actor, comedian, and the 3rd most subscribed You Tuber of all time (Check the Wikipedia). Year 2010 was good one for him as he was nominated and awarded as the "best vlogger" and "Choice Web Star" by The Streamy Awards and Teen Choice Awards respectively. He got extraordinary fame from his home-made videos and probably earning good sum of money as well. Many people try to construct their own financial instrument to calculate his earnings to be well above $300,000 per year. If it's true, I am motivated to make my own videos as well. So, wait for them.

I am ending this post with Shane's video that has got 4,036,291 views !!!!!! I don't know what's so special about this video, but you can still watch it and figure out the answer. And let me know as well!!