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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Know "Kevjumba"- An Asian American Youtube Star

Youtube has now become an easy platform for people to become popular; only thing you will need is a camcorder (or a mobile device with built-in video camera), a good story plot (it doesn't matter if you don't have one) and a star cast (and that's you). Upload your video on YouTube and now, you become a YouTube star. Easy as it sounds, right? Well, not exactly. There are millions of people who published videos on YouTube but not all of them become popular. Some videos couldn't even reach to 100 views in many months. You will soon find it very hard to increase the number of subscribers for your channel. So, how to make it works for you then? Let's learn that from Kevin Wu, one of the most popular YouTuber exist on the planet EARTH. 

Kevin Wu, still in his teenage, becomes a celebrity through his YouTube channel "Kevjumba". He launched this channel in July 27, 2006 and has now over a million subscribers. According to the statistic published in his channel, he is at rank 12 among the most subscribed Youtuber of all time. That's the massive success for the young lad like Kevin. His videos are viewed over 155,340,717 so far. Incredible, isn't it? He's already on that level of stardom, where his every video gets over a million view in a short period of time. What's so special about his videos? That's the question you might be asking now. I've watched some of his videos and they are really funny. Kevin is a vlogger (video blogger) who talks about the thing happening around him. His cameo with his father is loved by most of his subscribers. His videos are entertaining, but also informative as he tries to share his opinions on various subjects. He has also worked along with Wong Fu Productions in some videos, which also worth watching. 

Here I am wrapping this post by giving you a look at one of many popular videos from kevjumba channel. Enjoy!!

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