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Know "Kevjumba"- An Asian American Youtube Star

Kevin Wu, still in his teenage, becomes a celebrity through his YouTube channel "Kevjumba". He launched this channel in July 27, 2006 and has now over a million subscribers.

kung-fu cat

When a cat knows kung fu

Normally, we think that cats are afraid of dogs because dogs are bigger and stronger, but what if the cat knows "kung fu"?

The Rock is back-If you smell what he is cooking?

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is expecting a massive leap in its total payperview earnings with the return of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Know "Kevjumba"- An Asian American Youtube Star

Youtube has now become an easy platform for people to become popular; only thing you will need is a camcorder (or a mobile device with built-in video camera), a good story plot (it doesn't matter if you don't have one) and a star cast (and that's you). Upload your video on YouTube and now, you become a YouTube star. Easy as it sounds, right? Well, not exactly. There are millions of people who published videos on YouTube but not all of them become popular. Some videos couldn't even reach to 100 views in many months. You will soon find it very hard to increase the number of subscribers for your channel. So, how to make it works for you then? Let's learn that from Kevin Wu, one of the most popular YouTuber exist on the planet EARTH. 

Kevin Wu, still in his teenage, becomes a celebrity through his YouTube channel "Kevjumba". He launched this channel in July 27, 2006 and has now over a million subscribers. According to the statistic published in his channel, he is at rank 12 among the most subscribed Youtuber of all time. That's the massive success for the young lad like Kevin. His videos are viewed over 155,340,717 so far. Incredible, isn't it? He's already on that level of stardom, where his every video gets over a million view in a short period of time. What's so special about his videos? That's the question you might be asking now. I've watched some of his videos and they are really funny. Kevin is a vlogger (video blogger) who talks about the thing happening around him. His cameo with his father is loved by most of his subscribers. His videos are entertaining, but also informative as he tries to share his opinions on various subjects. He has also worked along with Wong Fu Productions in some videos, which also worth watching. 

Here I am wrapping this post by giving you a look at one of many popular videos from kevjumba channel. Enjoy!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The best website to learn web designing and computer programming online

I must confess I am one of those guys who stuck his head in learning every stuffs around him. I build up a crazy idea that I should learn any interesting skills that are available in Internet. Basically, I am more passionate about IT stuffs like programming, web designing, graphic designing and even game designing. I didn't opt to go to school to take academic tuition though, because I felt Internet could become the most effective tutor for me, and that also without any cost. However, to get the right website out of millions available became a real troublesome task for me. Most of the online tutorial sites that I visited had very complicated approach of teaching, and anyone who didn't have prior knowledge of IT terms like me had found those tutorials difficult to follow. I would have given up my ambition if I hadn't stumbled to one great site: The New Boston .


Bucky Roberts, the creator of this wonderful website, is a master of all IT skills that people want to learn. He has a pretty cool and simple approach to teaching these stuffs and make them look so easy to understand. He has given tutorials on various subjects from scratch, that's why this website is so handy for novice. You can learn how to operate adobe applications like photoshop, dreamweaver, flash, premier and after effects, the must learned software for any web and video designer. For the one who is passionate about programming,  Bucky has covered tutorials on C, C++, Java, Python and many more. He has lot to offer for people aiming to learn 3D Animation as well, and also for them, who want to make a video game for PC and mobile phones. His latest tutorials include building up cool applications for Iphone, isn't that cool?

Overall, this website is a complete package for IT learners. It's free of course. Thanks to Bucky for doing such a great jobs. You can visit and access his tutorials in his Youtube Channel as well: The New Boston

Do you want to hire expert to build website for you? Try the Technicguy.

Monday, April 11, 2011

When a cat knows kung fu

We're aware of the great rivalry between cats and dogs. Remember the Tom & Jerry cartoons, where Tom the cat always gets scared of a Bulldog. Normally, we think that cats are afraid of dogs because dogs are bigger and stronger, but what if the cat knows "kung fu"? Something similar happens in the video below, where the dog meets its biggest nightmare; a fighting cat. This dog might have never thought that it is going to meet the strongest. Watch the funny video.

I would never mess up with that cat. But, I will love the dog in this second video. It seems even the dog knows the meaning of praying. Unfortunately, we human beings forget the importance of god and involve more in non-human activities. Watch this second video, and learn something from this cute dog.

There are so many funny videos like this in Visit the website and enjoy collection of good, funny and stupid videos.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Reason not blogging and Britney Spears

It's been a long time since I wrote something in this blog. The reason is people have stopped making interesting videos online. Just Kidding!! Actually, I have been quite busy in writing my MBA dissertation which is due date in May. And at the same time, there was a cricket world cup that concluded few days ago. I haven't told you much about myself, have I? Ok, let me leave that for some other days. I will dedicate a full post describing myself in the future.

So far, my posts include some popular videos from Youtube. There are millions of them, and to sort out the most interesting one for you is always a hard job. But, I will not give up. Today, I bring you a new song by pop star Britney Spears. The music video of the song entitled "TILL THE WORLD ENDS" was premiered on 5 April, 2011. This particular video was extracted from BritneySpearsVevo channel and in just 3 days, it has already got 2,942,644 views. That's amazing.

Britney Spears is getting lots of positive feedback for this video. Here's the review from popular news blog Huffington Post and another entertainment blog Rolling Stone. It seems the pop princess will keep rocking the  world with her stunning performance.