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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Instagram is one cool iPhone application you must have

I own iPhone 4 and this is such a cool mobile phone. In fact, it is much more than a mobile phone. Using internet at handset has never been so exciting before, however; there are many new smartphones with similar features, but iPhone 4 definitely stands out of the crowd.

If you have got iPhone 4 (or iPhone 3GS), you must be aware that you can get loads of cool applications via iTunes. There are so many to choose, and we are quite unsure which one will be the best suited to our taste. Sometimes, it happens that we installed the applications that would crash down after few minutes of launch. Yummylife tv thus wants to give some handful suggestions on some very good iPhone apps that you must have. 

As the first part of this category, we would like to suggest about a very exciting photo editing application named "Instagram". Instagram is a free application that you can download from iTunes. It is very good for those amateur photographers, who want to give amazing effects to their photos. It is easy to use application with number of tools to give various looks to your photos. Whether you want to give your photos 70s style look, or want to give black and white touch, instagram do it for you completely in professional way. Here are some photos that I retouch using this application.

I change the blurry picture into 70s style

The lion looks vintage in Early bird style

It's not quite satisfactory, edited in X-Pro II effect

Lomo fi gives a dream like effect

Instagram is also a photo sharing social network, where you can share your creation directly with other users. Besides that, you can share your photos with your friends on other social network sites like facebook and twitter. It is one good application and I recommend all of you photo loving people to install it in your iPhone from iTunes for free. 

Here is a youtube video by appvee that reviews on instagram. Thanks to the uploader. It might be helpful to you.

Drop some comments if you have more exciting iPhone applications. See ya in next post. 



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